3 ladies bring in 2016 with women and visions

If you didn’t create a vision board for 2016 I wouldn’t say you’re not on the right track but I will say it’s not too late to map out your dreams and goals for the New Year.

2015 was the rise of the vision boards. It was as if a new movement was created to uplift and inspire dream chasers. From vision board parties, magazine covers and social media posts-everyone was doing it. Seeing everyone create something positive was a great way to start a new year.

This year the movement continues. I had a great opportunity to witness women pump their creative juices and really add some “sass” and “class” to their 2016 vision.  Mackin Project (Tanisha Mackin) and Design Yourself Executive Solutions (Chae Haughton) joined for an amazing Vision Board Social hosted by Jae Christian of WETV’s “Selling it in ATL”, a reality TV show with a group of Atlanta Real Estate agents.


One of the event planners shared her own success story with her 2015 vision board which was used as a weight loss goal. “We’re both visionaries. So we wanted to get a group of women together who have the same type of vision and just go with it and it turned into something larger than what I thought it was going to be,” said Chae. She added that with the social’s success she visions it being larger next year.

Participant Anoa Changa had goals of networking in Atlanta after moving to the city 2 years ago due to a natural disaster.  “Trying to become more involved in the greater community as well as trying to build more of our family presence so to speak. Events like this are awesome to get out and meet new people,” she said.

Before the participants completed their vison boards the host, Jae Christian, had everyone write on a posted note their fears and negative thoughts that would keep them from completing their goals. As they wrote them down Jae walked around the room and had each of them throw the posted notes away.  She added that it’s important to add affirmations to your visions. “You have to do the work and you have to be confident and motivate yourself for those things to come true,” Jae said.

As Jae mentioned, the vision board doesn’t work for itself. You work for the vision. It’s never too late to write it down and make it plain.



Stilettos strut the scene and on the move

What do you get with a room full of women with hustles? A powerful group of successful female entrepreneurs and that is exactly what I received at Stilettos on the Move 4th Annual Women’s Expo. It was very impressing walking into the East Cobb Center this past Sunday and seeing vendors already set up and waiting to share their talents and services that they provide. Listed below are vendors who registered.

  1. Just Fab
  2. Shoedazzle
  3. Girl Let’s Go Travel and Entertainment Company
  4. Drea’s Pure Romance
  5. Delectable Candy Creations
  6. Traci Lynn Jewelry
  7. Felcity- Women’s online Boutique
  8. Beachbody
  9. Mini Waist Club
  10. Thirty-one
  11. Doterra
  12. Passion Parties
  13. Ion Win, Inc.
  14. It Works
  15. Break of Dawn
  16. Ardyss
  17. Pure Sensations
  18. Transition Rehab
  19. D Lawrence
  20. Natural is Beyoutiful
  21. Fifth Avenue Collection
  22. Plexus Worldwide
  23. Price Realty Group & Commercial Advisors

Guests should have felt very welcomed walking in as I noticed white drapes sweeping across the ceiling giving the room a fancy vibe that stated elegance. I think appearance is probably one of the most important qualities of an event. It’s as if you’ve been invited into someone’s home. The first thing you’ll recognize is how well they keep it up and to be honest you wouldn’t want to return to someone’s home who doesn’t keep it welcoming-at least I know I wouldn’t.

I hate that I couldn’t stay for the entire event, which lasted until 7pm, but I can say that I came right on time (1:00pm) and they were definitely prepared for the early birds-meaning they knew how to get the party started on time. However I did briefly catch one of their special guests, Food Network star “Chef Treygaye”, as she shared her story and experience as a Chef. According to their promotion, other special guests included some of Bravo TV’s “Mother Funders”. What a great way to promote the power of women networking with each other.

Being that this is the 4th expo I had to go around and get thoughts from a couple of seasoned participants and beginners as well. One vendor had intentions on connecting with like-minded business women such as herself. “Hopefully I’ll learn a few things,” said Andrea Samale, Ambassador of Pure Romance and owner of Drea’s Pure Romance and Cocktails and Conversations. Andrea was a first time vendor but it wasn’t her first time as a guest. Another vendor not from Atlanta never heard of the organization but had the opportunity to participate by word of mouth. “I was browsing on Facebook on one of the vendor groups,” said Timmesha Rogers, owner of Girl Let’s Go Travel and Entertainment Company. Timmesha is also a mother who teaches the importance of entrepreneurship to her children and their business, Generation Yes.

I was wondering what motivated someone to create such a powerful event and had the opportunity to speak with the creator, Zaina Ihenacho who once owned her own hair salon. “People have always asked me how did I get my business started and I was really doing it just to be doing it and I’ve realized that people really do listen to me. So when I started the organization everyone was like what do I need to do to join, and how can I participate? And I really didn’t think that the expo was going to grow to this capacity,” said Zaina. She also added that beginning in February 2016 she will be taking the expo on a 10 city tour. How amazing!

I’m really glad that women have opportunities such as this event to come together to network and connect, share their business and ideas and most importantly support each other.

To stay updated with Stilettos on the Move please visit their website: http://stilettosonthemove.com

You are more!

Boy I tell ya, it’s very disappointing to see such beautiful women on social networks degrading themselves by using their bodies to gain attention.

This past weekend I saw a post from an old friend of mine. She first posted several pictures of herself. They were beautiful but in the picture what you noticed the most were her breasts. Think about this. Are you so eager to gain attention that you shy away from the true beauty of yourself and instead show what the crowd is looking for? Think about it.

Now the most disturbing part of this situation were the comments that followed below the picture. It was VERY obvious that they were only looking at her breasts; and she allowed it. I wanted to so badly write something on the comments defending her and setting those men straight for talking down on her like that. But something told me to don’t. To not respond and allow her to fight that battle on her own. And to allow God to handle whatever situation he has placed her in. To be truthful if i had wrote a comment it could’ve gotten ugly. And that’s the last thing I need, to allow social media take control and place drama in my life for the weekend.

Ladies, you are more.  You are more than what you place on social media. You are more. Do you know the purpose of your breast? To feed your babies so that they can survive. Not for men to focus on them instead of focusing on the internal you. You are more. Never let a man or anyone be impressed by your figure. Let him search for you inside. And don’t give him a reason to be impressed by your figure. Cover them up. You can look great without showing what’s underneath your clothes.

I pray that the women reading this, and her friends, and her social media followers are being guided to be protective over themselves and their bodies. I ask God to look after them and help them understand that they are more. I ask God to even show them that they are more. And I ask God to forgive us for thinking anything less. You are more!