Don’t Do It: A note to the curly girl that likes her straight hair more.

“Why don’t you wear your hair curly anymore?” They would ask the same question and I would always respond,”I don’t really like my hair curly. It makes me feel like a little girl. Wearing my hair straight makes me feel like a grown woman.”

I would hate being asked that question because while 95% of my feelings towards my curly hair were true, the other 5% had me scared that at the rate I was going with my flat iron being my best friend every Wednesday evening, the curls would not be coming back. However, I was almost for certain that I would not be going back to the curls.

Then one boring Saturday morning I woke up missing my poof and “s” curls. I missed feeling free and all natural. I think this triggered because the Friday night before I found myself watching a YouTube video on a protein treatment using mayonnaise to bring back your curls. [A protein treatment is something I practiced every 2 weeks to a month. I would blend in a mix of either avocados or bananas, water, eggs and my favorite conditioner. My hair loved it and my curls would always be poppin’.] Anywho, I wondered, “Does my hair have heat damage after all these months of flat ironing it once every week? Oh no! What did I just do? I worked so hard to bring my curls back from the first time this happened and here I am again, hoping the curl master is still in my favor.”

So yes, Saturday morning I brought the natural girl back and I went back to my old ways; co -wash, protein treatment and deep conditioner to find my curls. The time went by as my hair was in my conditioner cap and I just knew my curls had to still be there. I rinsed the conditioner out, moisturized my hair (which I haven’t done in a while), greased my scalp with Jamaican black castor oil (something I still do twice a week instead of every other day like I use too), and sealed my hair with eco-styler gel I found far back underneath my sink. The next step was to diffuse it with cold air using my blow dryer.

The anticipation was real. Were they still there? Did I mess up once again? Finally my hair dried and I noticed that while the curls were there it wasn’t the same curls I was born with. Thankful that they were there I knew it wasn’t the end. With a little extra work, more protein treatments and less heat I knew I would be back in action. Free with curls flying everywhere.

However, I wouldn’t have to have gone through this if I just put the flat iron down and accepted my curly hair making me look like a little girl. I wouldn’t have to wait a few more months for my hair to be back fully healthy. Having long natural hair is great but long, curly and thick is even better! 

So for the curly girl that likes her hair straight more…JUST DON’T DO IT! Don’t do it if you feel that one day you just want to roll out of bed, wash your hair and go! Don’t do it if you think that you may want to switch it up a bit. If you’re like me and you’re a bi-polar curly girl meaning one day you like it sexy and straight and months later you want that #blackgirlmagic, afro curly puff, “love the skin you’re in” kind of look..I REPEAT, DON’T DO IT!

Yes, your curly hair can rise from the dead due to heat damage and can be repaired-I’ve done it before and NEVER had to cut my hair (maybe I’ll write a post on how it can be done)-but it’s so much easier to just bring out that sexy alter ego occasionally. Besides, you look beautiful no matter what you rock, but take it from me who is thankful to have less to work with to bring the thickness back, be unashamed of the type of strands you were born with through that pretty head of yours.