Stilettos strut the scene and on the move

What do you get with a room full of women with hustles? A powerful group of successful female entrepreneurs and that is exactly what I received at Stilettos on the Move 4th Annual Women’s Expo. It was very impressing walking into the East Cobb Center this past Sunday and seeing vendors already set up and waiting to share their talents and services that they provide. Listed below are vendors who registered.

  1. Just Fab
  2. Shoedazzle
  3. Girl Let’s Go Travel and Entertainment Company
  4. Drea’s Pure Romance
  5. Delectable Candy Creations
  6. Traci Lynn Jewelry
  7. Felcity- Women’s online Boutique
  8. Beachbody
  9. Mini Waist Club
  10. Thirty-one
  11. Doterra
  12. Passion Parties
  13. Ion Win, Inc.
  14. It Works
  15. Break of Dawn
  16. Ardyss
  17. Pure Sensations
  18. Transition Rehab
  19. D Lawrence
  20. Natural is Beyoutiful
  21. Fifth Avenue Collection
  22. Plexus Worldwide
  23. Price Realty Group & Commercial Advisors

Guests should have felt very welcomed walking in as I noticed white drapes sweeping across the ceiling giving the room a fancy vibe that stated elegance. I think appearance is probably one of the most important qualities of an event. It’s as if you’ve been invited into someone’s home. The first thing you’ll recognize is how well they keep it up and to be honest you wouldn’t want to return to someone’s home who doesn’t keep it welcoming-at least I know I wouldn’t.

I hate that I couldn’t stay for the entire event, which lasted until 7pm, but I can say that I came right on time (1:00pm) and they were definitely prepared for the early birds-meaning they knew how to get the party started on time. However I did briefly catch one of their special guests, Food Network star “Chef Treygaye”, as she shared her story and experience as a Chef. According to their promotion, other special guests included some of Bravo TV’s “Mother Funders”. What a great way to promote the power of women networking with each other.

Being that this is the 4th expo I had to go around and get thoughts from a couple of seasoned participants and beginners as well. One vendor had intentions on connecting with like-minded business women such as herself. “Hopefully I’ll learn a few things,” said Andrea Samale, Ambassador of Pure Romance and owner of Drea’s Pure Romance and Cocktails and Conversations. Andrea was a first time vendor but it wasn’t her first time as a guest. Another vendor not from Atlanta never heard of the organization but had the opportunity to participate by word of mouth. “I was browsing on Facebook on one of the vendor groups,” said Timmesha Rogers, owner of Girl Let’s Go Travel and Entertainment Company. Timmesha is also a mother who teaches the importance of entrepreneurship to her children and their business, Generation Yes.

I was wondering what motivated someone to create such a powerful event and had the opportunity to speak with the creator, Zaina Ihenacho who once owned her own hair salon. “People have always asked me how did I get my business started and I was really doing it just to be doing it and I’ve realized that people really do listen to me. So when I started the organization everyone was like what do I need to do to join, and how can I participate? And I really didn’t think that the expo was going to grow to this capacity,” said Zaina. She also added that beginning in February 2016 she will be taking the expo on a 10 city tour. How amazing!

I’m really glad that women have opportunities such as this event to come together to network and connect, share their business and ideas and most importantly support each other.

To stay updated with Stilettos on the Move please visit their website:


I got the mic!!

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of hosting a panel discussion (at North Clayton High School) for the second time with an amazing organization, Project Inspire. This organization serves a purpose to enlighten the younger generation (high school students) through community service, panel discussions and empowering events. The best part about this organization is the fact that it’s ran by a group of men-black men at that!! These guys are so incredible, so successful and they all come from different backgrounds.

Project Inspire North Clayton High School
North Clayton High School

The organization hand picks men from the community to sit down as panelists and speak with the high school men about their background, what inspires them, how they were in high school, etc. The high school boys get the opportunity to speak to men who are business owners, bankers, educators, realtors-just successful black men in general who worked hard to become who they are.

Listening to one of the panelists 


As I MC’d the discussion it was very intriguing listening to their stories. Just imagine, every story is different but they all had one thing in common-they were inspiring. I was very proud to be apart of something that uplifted our boys and gave them hope for a brighter future. It motivated them to go to college-the first time I hosted for Project Inspire at Charles R. Drew High School I over heard some of the younger boys talking about how they didn’t even plan on attending college mainly because they didn’t know where to start as far as preparation. However, with the presence of these men they received advice and help.

This is what I live for-witnessing growth in our community and documenting it. It truly was amazing serving as their host.


Too Young to Live or Die?

Why is that when you’re in your twenties people always claim that you’re “too young”? Seriously? Too young to live or die? Which one, because the last time I checked another day isn’t promised. Your time could be almost up but you held out on everything that you desired because you were told you’re “too young”.

Too young to know love, too young to live on your own, too young to manage your financials, too young to drive your passion, too young to start your business and the list goes on. It’s like when we’re in our twenties we’re placed on a pause and told to wait until the road is clear. When you feel like your life is on a long yield make your own road. Never wait on your desires, create them.

Now I agree to a certain extent. It’s hard out here. It seems like my friends left and right are struggling for whatever reason but it’s life. My God never told us it would be easy. This life wasn’t made for us to live perfect lives; He will have that ready for us when He returns. But for some reason I just can’t wrap my mind around the thought of waiting. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? If you have a desire or passion for something start praying over it, start doing your research, start asking God to connect you to people who can help you implement your plan. Just don’t let time pass you by. Think about it, so much can happen in a year and what you said you would do 2 years ago will just be what you said and not what you did if you don’t wake up and start putting your money where your mouth is.

Now let me take a breather. I’m not saying don’t be patient, all I’m saying is DON’T BE STILL. If you have a vision you should be feeding that vision daily. Don’t waste your own time. Don’t wake up one day noticing that you haven’t gone further than the notes you wrote down about your vision. We all have a purpose and today someone sent me something that stated most people won’t dedicate themselves to their purpose in life. I have this crazy idea that our purpose in life should somewhat be our job. You may not get paid for it but guarantee you should be working for it harder than you work for someone else’s dreams. I hope you don’t turn out to be that person that lived so many years but did not dedicate themselves to their purpose.

Encouragement for forgiving yourself from mistakes

Just breathe. Sometimes I feel that we as people beat ourselves up for silly mistakes we’ve made in the past. I get it. Trust me I know. The thoughts of the decision you made really crowds your mind and you start to think less of yourself. When are we going to let it go? When will we learn to control how we view ourselves at our lowest points?

The mistake you made does not define who you are if you choose to learn your lesson and promise yourself to never turn to that decision again, but you have to actually practice this promise. Quite frankly, you should be thanking yourself for that experience and that minor setback. It will help you grow into a better you.

I once made a big mistake. Several actually! But one particular mistake I made in the past could have hurt the ones I loved. I really downgraded myself for the decision I made and you know what, I was very afraid of what others would think of me. I put myself down and thought negative things about me. Do you know that this is actaully bad for your spirit? The mind is very powerful and it is important that you control your thoughts because you are what you think of yourself. Because of that simple mistake I made I was able to be firm with the type of person I wanted to be and promised to never be faced with the same mistake.

It takes time getting over something that you’re disappointed with yourself about. But remember that what you did does not make who you are. If anything it gives you the opportunity to explore personal growth. While forgiving yourself be optimistic and nurture your mind with positive thoughts.

Disappointing others to develop your right mind

Have you ever feared of disappointing someone when you’re trying to do what’s best for you. Well stop. You can never elevate yourself thinking about how others will feel about you. Don’t get me wrong though, you shouldn’t intentionally let people down. You shouldn’t let others down by down-grading who you are. I am speaking on what people expect of you and what people think you owe them. In this life you are going to constantly let others down because people will have such high expectations of you. People will depend on you. However, when it’s time to live for you and put yourself first don’t think about disappointing someone else.

I’m the type of person that likes to get myself involved in so many things and then complain when I don’t get time to myself or time to relax. I feel it’s important to share my helping hand. That’s great and everything but we have to learn how to say no and set our boundaries of how far we stretch ourselves. If you’re giving so much of you out then what’s left for only you? What’s left when it’s time to perfect your craft? Nothing because you have given your all to other areas you have committed yourself to.

I want you to write out everything you give your time to. Try to number it with #1 being what you give the most of your time to. Let’s see how many numbers it takes before you get to yourself. Here’s another thing; when we give ourselves to so many other areas we lose site of who we are. We start molding ourselves to be numb and to be unaware of our feelings, what we enjoy doing, our dislikes and what makes us happy. And if you’ve done it for so long you’ll realize that now you’re lost.

We have to find who we are. We weren’t created in this world to work, eat, sleep and die. We were created to use our gifts to the max and to really shower everyone with who we are and what we can contribute to this place we’re living in. But if you’re constantly dividing yourself into so many areas you won’t have anything left of your gift that you can use to your advantage.

Know who you are. Don’t get stuck living in someone else’s dream because you don’t know your own.

Not a “New Years Resolution”, but an “Old Year Conclusion”.

Okay so I know that there are some people out there in this world that disagree with New Years Resolution. Which is completely fine, I mean hey, everyone is valid to their own opinions right? I personally love New Years Resolutions. It gives you a comfort for change, to start all over with what you messed up in the previous year. Yeah you shouldn’t change when a new year comes around; you should start to change the moment you realize something about yourself that you just don’t feel at ease with. But a new year can be an establishment of your new you. Think about it, by the time the new year comes around you would have overcome all the struggles you faced in the previous year. That makes you stronger than you were before. So in reality, new year new me may just be right.

But I have something for those people who just dislike the entire thought of having a new years resolution. It’s called an “Old Year Conclusion”. At the end of the day you will have to face everything that’s been troubling you during that entire year or else it could possibly haunt you sometime in the new year (that’s if you do not face it). You have to grow and move from them at some point right? Why not leave all those problems in the old year. Here’s how it works. I’m an organized person, and I like to write down a lot of my thoughts. That’s why I always carry a notebook around as a journal. So I suggest doing the same. It’s almost like releasing your vibes, thoughts and energy. Another way to vent. Make a list of all the things that hurt you this year. They could be people, life situations, your grades in school. Everything! Jot down everything that had you worried, afraid, and stressed. I suggest being very detailed about them as well, it will help you understand what exactly happened. Once you write them down review them, let them sit on your mind. Think about the time those situations occurred in your life, think about how it made you feel, think about ways you could have prevented them, think about how you will no longer allow them to happen to you. If it deals with a person consider discussing the issue you have with them so that they know what’s on your heart. Most importantly, pray over them. Ask God to give you the strength to overcome those trials if they ever occur again. Ask him to guide you if you’re tested like that again. This may take a few days so give it some time. I suggest doing this days before Christmas so it gives you some time.

It’s like confronting yourself upfront. This is your chance to give yourself some alone time. People need this to get to know themselves. Too often we’re faced with being the shoulder for others to lean on and we forget about us. Be real with yourself. You didn’t have the best year but you’re grateful to see another but how can you make this new year even better? This is how, this can be your first step. Writing your conclusion.

I hope this works for you. Remember, it’s not a New Years Resolution but an Old Year Conclusion.