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Hey guys!! So I was going through my phone this week and scrolling pass old pictures really inspired me to share how I was able to grow my hair so long in 5 months. It really shocked me how sneaky your hair can be lol. I mean you’ll get frustrated and think it’s not growing but once you do a little comparison you’d be fooled! So I’m sure you all want to know. Just a couple of years ago I too was following blogs and looking up YouTube videos on “how to grow healthy hair.” They were all so right.

  1. The washing strategy-I guess I should start with the basics. Let me be clear from here and some of you may find this odd-I do not wash my hair with shampoo. Only if I want to flat iron my hair (so my hair won’t be oily). Some of my natural sisters may understand this concept but for others who are like how I was it’s odd because we were taught to do this for so long. Washing your hair actually strips your natural oils-sometimes it even dry’s it out. Therefore to clean my hair I use As I Am Coconut Co-Wash probably every other week followed by a deep conditioner with Tresamme naturals. The co-wash not only cleans your hair but puts the moisture right back in. In between that time of “wash day” I’ll rinse my hair out with conditioner typically every other day. This strategy ensures that I am consistent with wetting my hair as well as keeping it moisturized.
  2. Wash and Go– Now if I am “washing” my hair I would normally follow it with a wash and go technique. First I oil my scalp with Jamaican Black Castor Oil. This product promotes hair growth and increases the thickness of your hair. I’d like to say that this is what is actually helping my hair grow. I apply this once a day (in the morning because it’s very thick and I don’t like my hair too oily at night). The rest of my wash and go is very simple for me. At one point I would use any Shea Moisture leave-in conditioner as my moisturizer product but now I’m using their Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow & Restore Styling Lotion. I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and I LOVE it! It makes my curls feels so soft! So I section my hair, apply the moisturizer then seal the ends with an oil based product. Right now I’m using olive oil (the real deal cooking oil lol) to seal my ends. The next step is to smooth my hair with Eco-Styler (keep in mind I am doing these steps in sections and also applying more water with my spray bottle when moving to each section if my hair is a little dry.) After I have smoothed my hair with Eco-Styler to define my curls better I smooth my edges and I’m done!
  3. The protective styling– sometimes I like to see my hair in other forms instead of the wash and go style. Let’s start with weave/sew-ins, which by the way I don’t recommend and do not plan to use anymore in the future unless it’s clip ins. For the past four years I’ve had consistent sew ins. In the last 2 years I would actually wear my sew in for about four weeks then take it out, take care of my hair for a week and when I put my weave back in made sure my hair was OVERLY moisturized. I gave my hair a break during seasons like winter break, summer break and during the spring time when football season was over. I had to wear weave for the different titles I held in college (my hair frizzes very bad when straight). People who wear sew-ins consistently risk the chances of their hair thinning out and that has happened a little with mine. They also can get heat damage on their leave-out. To avoid this I would leave very little hair out for my leave out-I would basically leave the amount of hair that would equal to a bang. That way when I cut my bang I am also cutting any heat damage. Now that I am staying away from weave I focus on protective styling using my real hair. I like to do Bantu knots, flexi rods and twist outs and I prefer to do theses styles on blown out hair using cool air on my blow dryer. I can do tutorials on these styles in the future because this is a whole different ball game for this blog.
  4. Deep conditioner treatments– Every once and a while I’ll treat my hair to some food! Ha! Sounds weird. I do banana hairs masks, conditioners with mayo, olive oil and eggs and rinse my hair out with apple cider vinegar. Again, I’ll give tutorials on those in the future.
  5. Healthy Lifestyle- You’ve probably heard this before from other curly girls but yes, I do drink LOTS of water. In fact, I hardly drink juice and sodas anymore to maintain my weight and not add on any unnecessary sugars. I am also a Pescetarian which I feel plays a good role with my hair growth. To check about my blog on being a Pescetarian click on this link:

So this is basically what I’ve been doing. It’s pretty simple when you get the hang of it. Tell me about your regimen and if some of our techniques are the same. I would love to learn from others!


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