It’s almost hard to describe yourself when you know that there is so much more to discover. For starters, I’m a recent graduate of Albany State University where I studied Mass Communications. I was highly involved in college. I started off being Freshman Class President, Student Government Administrative Assistant, SGA President and 1st Attendant to Miss Albany State University. While campaigning to become Miss ASU I founded Every Woman, which was my platform at the time. When I lost I made it a movement and used it to create a documentary for college mothers, start a running group for the campus and take high school girls to prom. Now i’m preparing to use it to become a non-profit to help women across the nation! It excites me just thinking about it 🙂

I also am a pageant addict. Not only did I compete in Miss ASU but I competed in Miss Albany, Miss Fulton County, Miss Black and Gold for the Delta Delta chapter of Alphi Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and other prelims for the Miss Georgia Scholarship Pageant. I’ve placed in a lot but never won. Who knows, my pageant days may not be over. I love to cook and I get most of my ideas from Pinterest…which is the best app EVERRRR!! I’m the oldest of five and a very family-oriented person. I’m a believer of family comes first after God. Christ is my strength, my guidance, my mentor, my everything! He’s what moves me when I feel something “ain’t” right. This journey of getting to know Him and His purpose for me is growing stronger as I learn that I am nothing without him and I owe everything I am and will ever be to Him.

My goal with this blog is to show the world what I love to do in hopes to inspire others. With this blog I pray to be what He called me to be.

Thank you for visiting 🙂


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