3 ladies bring in 2016 with women and visions

If you didn’t create a vision board for 2016 I wouldn’t say you’re not on the right track but I will say it’s not too late to map out your dreams and goals for the New Year.

2015 was the rise of the vision boards. It was as if a new movement was created to uplift and inspire dream chasers. From vision board parties, magazine covers and social media posts-everyone was doing it. Seeing everyone create something positive was a great way to start a new year.

This year the movement continues. I had a great opportunity to witness women pump their creative juices and really add some “sass” and “class” to their 2016 vision.  Mackin Project (Tanisha Mackin) and Design Yourself Executive Solutions (Chae Haughton) joined for an amazing Vision Board Social hosted by Jae Christian of WETV’s “Selling it in ATL”, a reality TV show with a group of Atlanta Real Estate agents.


One of the event planners shared her own success story with her 2015 vision board which was used as a weight loss goal. “We’re both visionaries. So we wanted to get a group of women together who have the same type of vision and just go with it and it turned into something larger than what I thought it was going to be,” said Chae. She added that with the social’s success she visions it being larger next year.

Participant Anoa Changa had goals of networking in Atlanta after moving to the city 2 years ago due to a natural disaster.  “Trying to become more involved in the greater community as well as trying to build more of our family presence so to speak. Events like this are awesome to get out and meet new people,” she said.

Before the participants completed their vison boards the host, Jae Christian, had everyone write on a posted note their fears and negative thoughts that would keep them from completing their goals. As they wrote them down Jae walked around the room and had each of them throw the posted notes away.  She added that it’s important to add affirmations to your visions. “You have to do the work and you have to be confident and motivate yourself for those things to come true,” Jae said.

As Jae mentioned, the vision board doesn’t work for itself. You work for the vision. It’s never too late to write it down and make it plain.



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