The Renaissance Experience……

I’ve always been amazed by people who had musical talent and the ability to express their thoughts using spoken word. The power of speaking represents the ability to deliver a message to an individual or mass audience that could make them think differently about the subject and empower them.

Experiencing The Renaissance ATL Friday night opened my eyes to see the crafts in others. How beautiful is it that God blesses us with these gifts for his divine purpose. Artists walked on stage giving us their outer appearance but when they spoke I felt connected to who they really are deep inside. It’s amazing seeing people passionate about their talents and using them for God’s glory.

While The Renaissance ATL normally has Christian performances it’s really an event open to Christians and non Christians. I support this. A staff member of the event mentioned his topic in bible study which was how are you shining your light outside of the church. It’s important that we not only worship together but sew our practice, our beliefs, our testimonies and our knowledge of God back into those who need it. In order to spread God’s glory we have to be unselfish. We have to reach out to those who don’t know Him and we can’t do that by keeping it in the Church.

It was impressing watching the artists perform. How do we have so much talent in this world yet it seems like they’re not really “discovered” yet? It’s almost as if there’s not enough room in the “pond” for everyone to be caught.

However, I really enjoyed their feature artists Angelina Sheri (singer, song writer and violinist) and Real Talk Raps (poet). They made me realize that music doesn’t stop on your radio. No, it goes way further than that. And sometimes the best ones are right there in your local community! We have to start supporting them and actually paying attention to their music.

Other artists who came out that I enjoyed included: @I_amvirtuous, @chavisflagg, @brandiboothofficial, @thequeensheba, @jordan.Moreland, and @navellehice.

Overall, my Renaissance ATL experience was AWESOMEEEE!! I can’t wait for the next one on January 8th at the Epic Center in Austell, Ga. I encourage everyone to come out. It took me a while to see what it’s about but I’m glad I finally did.

Follow The Renaissance ATL on Instagram @therenaissanceatl.

(Feature photo taken from @therenaissainceatl)


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