Disappointing others to develop your right mind

Have you ever feared of disappointing someone when you’re trying to do what’s best for you. Well stop. You can never elevate yourself thinking about how others will feel about you. Don’t get me wrong though, you shouldn’t intentionally let people down. You shouldn’t let others down by down-grading who you are. I am speaking on what people expect of you and what people think you owe them. In this life you are going to constantly let others down because people will have such high expectations of you. People will depend on you. However, when it’s time to live for you and put yourself first don’t think about disappointing someone else.

I’m the type of person that likes to get myself involved in so many things and then complain when I don’t get time to myself or time to relax. I feel it’s important to share my helping hand. That’s great and everything but we have to learn how to say no and set our boundaries of how far we stretch ourselves. If you’re giving so much of you out then what’s left for only you? What’s left when it’s time to perfect your craft? Nothing because you have given your all to other areas you have committed yourself to.

I want you to write out everything you give your time to. Try to number it with #1 being what you give the most of your time to. Let’s see how many numbers it takes before you get to yourself. Here’s another thing; when we give ourselves to so many other areas we lose site of who we are. We start molding ourselves to be numb and to be unaware of our feelings, what we enjoy doing, our dislikes and what makes us happy. And if you’ve done it for so long you’ll realize that now you’re lost.

We have to find who we are. We weren’t created in this world to work, eat, sleep and die. We were created to use our gifts to the max and to really shower everyone with who we are and what we can contribute to this place we’re living in. But if you’re constantly dividing yourself into so many areas you won’t have anything left of your gift that you can use to your advantage.

Know who you are. Don’t get stuck living in someone else’s dream because you don’t know your own.


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