He’s our provider


Quick blog!!!! I was scrolling through IG (I really should be putting my running shoes on) and I came across a post that basically stated “my life isn’t perfect but I appreciate what God has blessed me with.” After reading that I remembered how I would complain about my raggedy phone that kept falling apart because the screen was cracked all over (the glass is like falling off seriously lol) and the back piece doesn’t attach. After awhile I just began thankful that I had a phone honestly. About a month ago the battery swelled and my mom gave me an extended batter-which is bigger than a regular battery and this is why the back piece would fall off a lot.

I just know that it would be a while before I get a new phone and this is just simply out of my control. Thankfully my mom gave me a case that fits the phone and my huge battery so the back piece doesn’t fall off. I’m just so excited!Β  Like really, this eliminates a lot of struggles while using my phone and the battery falling out! It reminded me of my study a couple of days ago on how God gives us what we need and to not worry about all those things. He is our provider. He knows when we need something and He will provide just that (Matthew 6:32 “Do not worry about food, drinks, and clothes because God knows you need them and he will provide.). So don’t worry your pretty-or handsome- little heart. He’s got your back!


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