You are more!

Boy I tell ya, it’s very disappointing to see such beautiful women on social networks degrading themselves by using their bodies to gain attention.

This past weekend I saw a post from an old friend of mine. She first posted several pictures of herself. They were beautiful but in the picture what you noticed the most were her breasts. Think about this. Are you so eager to gain attention that you shy away from the true beauty of yourself and instead show what the crowd is looking for? Think about it.

Now the most disturbing part of this situation were the comments that followed below the picture. It was VERY obvious that they were only looking at her breasts; and she allowed it. I wanted to so badly write something on the comments defending her and setting those men straight for talking down on her like that. But something told me to don’t. To not respond and allow her to fight that battle on her own. And to allow God to handle whatever situation he has placed her in. To be truthful if i had wrote a comment it could’ve gotten ugly. And that’s the last thing I need, to allow social media take control and place drama in my life for the weekend.

Ladies, you are more.  You are more than what you place on social media. You are more. Do you know the purpose of your breast? To feed your babies so that they can survive. Not for men to focus on them instead of focusing on the internal you. You are more. Never let a man or anyone be impressed by your figure. Let him search for you inside. And don’t give him a reason to be impressed by your figure. Cover them up. You can look great without showing what’s underneath your clothes.

I pray that the women reading this, and her friends, and her social media followers are being guided to be protective over themselves and their bodies. I ask God to look after them and help them understand that they are more. I ask God to even show them that they are more. And I ask God to forgive us for thinking anything less. You are more!


2 thoughts on “You are more!

  1. Yes! Thank you! I am always torn when I see similar pics of my friends and family. I am reading this book by John MacArthur, Twelve Extraordinary Women, and … besides the bible, I think it´s helps us relate to the woman in scripture and see what God created us for! And it has nothing to do with what the majority of the women in our culture are interested in! All you need is God´s attention, and you already have it! Thanks for posting!


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