I’m not a loner.

I have decided to blog about this situation because often times I would get questioned about it. Normally I will eat lunch or dinner in the campus cafeteria with my friends or sometimes, very rarely, with my boyfriend. If either of them cannot eat I will take it upon myself to just go by myself and sit and eat at my table alone. It never bothered me but for some reason people found it odd. As if I shouldn’t eat alone. If they asked why I am sitting by myself I would just say that I don’t mind it, gives me time to think. And it does.

This situation helped me realize a simple fact. Why are people afraid to be alone in public? Maybe it’s not public in general and maybe it’s just the café that questions people. Anyways, why do people question why you’re alone? I get it though. When we were young sitting alone or being alone period looked as if you didn’t have any friends and some kids would even joke about it. But that’s when we were young and not mature. So I don’t see that as the case now. Maybe we have adapted to some type of standard to always be around friends…even when you’re going to the café.

My point is this; if you’re that student who likes to eat alone sometimes then it’s completely okay. If you feel that you always have to be around your friends and that you always have to sit with someone in the café that’s a problem. If you can’t give yourself any alone time can you truly say that you enjoy quality time with yourself? And be real with yourself on this one. I find this opportunity perfect timing to allow myself to think; maybe because I’m a busy body. I enjoy the moment of being by myself when I eat in the café and total I am a social butterfly so don’t get me wrong, i’m not anti-social.

In closing I triple dog dare those who are reading this to jump out of their comfort zone, sit in that café and eat your food ALONE! Ponder on your day. Think about you, write…like I’m doing now lol. But just give it a try. And if you already practice this quality time I applaud your courage, because that’s what it takes sometimes.


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