My Pescetarian check up!

Only moments before my Pescetarian-versary and it was definitely a great accomplishment, I can tell you that much! Surprisingly, it wasn’t hard at all. I have to admit, of course I had my moments when I wish I could taste those hot wings my boyfriend ordered or grab a quick burger while I’m in a rush and in need of something to eat. However, temptation was so minor. I would have a small thought of “I wish I could try that” but would go on about my business and not even be sad that I couldn’t eat meat.
It all began at my cousins graduation cookout. I met her grandmother who looked amazingly young and healthy. I don’t know how we came to the conversation but she was telling me how she use to be a Pescetarian, then became a vegetarian and now she’s a VEGAN!! Amazing!! I did my research on being a Pescetarian and found that there were a lot of benefits. These benefits include:
1. Higher in protein and omega-3 fatty acids compared to other meat products and is healthier than beef, pork, or chicken.
2. Increase in vitamins and minerals.
3. Avoids saturated fats found in red meats which can lead to heart disease and stroke.
4. Reduces cholesterol levels
From that point on I was inspired to give up pork and beef. I was influenced in the summer of 2013 but didn’t actually give up pork and beef until September 2013. I made an agreement with myself that I would gradually give up meat and allow myself to eat turkey and chicken until January 1st. Now you would think that I would go all out with chicken and turkey on December 31st but sadly I didn’t. I didn’t eat any meat at all, way to close that year out (sarcastically speaking). And so January 1st came and I named myself a Peacetarian.
Honestly, the journey was pretty easy. I did make one mistake by eating a piece of skin from a fried chicken but I wasn’t too disappointed in myself for that mistake because technically it wasn’t meat. I saw great results from being a Pescetarian. My hair grew a lot longer (which could also be because of the help of the Jamaican Castor Oil that I apply to my scalp every other day) and I also lost extra belly fat from all the unhealthy foods I use to eat. This was a major accomplishment for me because I have always been a skinny girl with a “prego” belly. I don’t remember the last time my belly was flat until this year. It’s not perfect because I’m not active in the gym but I’ve been progressing. I also have a lot more energy. My new found love is running and I really enjoy doing it and barely get tired, I even started my own running group, Every Woman Runs the Campus. I guess you’re wondering where I get my protein? That’s easy! There are plenty of other foods with protein in it! Check below:
1. Boiled eggs or egg whites
2. Almonds
3. Cheese
4. Black beans
5. Tofu
6. Peanut butter
7. Milk
8. Edamame
9. Greek yogurt
10. Tuna
11. Salmon
As you can see, I’m not losing out in protein at all.
That is just my one year check. I’m enjoying the Pescetarian life so far and I encourage anyone who’s interested to give it a try. One thing I would like to mention, when I first announced my new lifestyle not only did people jokingly pick on me about it being a “diet” but people would also freak out and tell me to be careful or I would get mercury from eating too much seafood, which is true, however it depends on your intake and choice of seafood. It is safe to eat fish that are low in mercury, such as sardines, herring and tilapia. Avoiding seafood like bluefin, Chilean sea bass, and yellowfin tuna is your best bet because they’re high in mercury (I don’t eat those anyways). Besides, if you ask me….regardless if I eat meat or seafood, I still have a chance of being unhealthy with either or. Red meat and meat in general is not all that healthy. Especially if you’re eating them from fast foods, etc. You can’t trust all of the food that you purchase. With that being, my Pescetarian but is happy to not eat meat and I can’t wait for many more anniversaries! In the year of 2015 I plan to begin my clean eating lifestyle, let’s see how this goes! (:
Happy New Years,
Being DeJane’ xoxoxo

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