Not a “New Years Resolution”, but an “Old Year Conclusion”.

Okay so I know that there are some people out there in this world that disagree with New Years Resolution. Which is completely fine, I mean hey, everyone is valid to their own opinions right? I personally love New Years Resolutions. It gives you a comfort for change, to start all over with what you messed up in the previous year. Yeah you shouldn’t change when a new year comes around; you should start to change the moment you realize something about yourself that you just don’t feel at ease with. But a new year can be an establishment of your new you. Think about it, by the time the new year comes around you would have overcome all the struggles you faced in the previous year. That makes you stronger than you were before. So in reality, new year new me may just be right.

But I have something for those people who just dislike the entire thought of having a new years resolution. It’s called an “Old Year Conclusion”. At the end of the day you will have to face everything that’s been troubling you during that entire year or else it could possibly haunt you sometime in the new year (that’s if you do not face it). You have to grow and move from them at some point right? Why not leave all those problems in the old year. Here’s how it works. I’m an organized person, and I like to write down a lot of my thoughts. That’s why I always carry a notebook around as a journal. So I suggest doing the same. It’s almost like releasing your vibes, thoughts and energy. Another way to vent. Make a list of all the things that hurt you this year. They could be people, life situations, your grades in school. Everything! Jot down everything that had you worried, afraid, and stressed. I suggest being very detailed about them as well, it will help you understand what exactly happened. Once you write them down review them, let them sit on your mind. Think about the time those situations occurred in your life, think about how it made you feel, think about ways you could have prevented them, think about how you will no longer allow them to happen to you. If it deals with a person consider discussing the issue you have with them so that they know what’s on your heart. Most importantly, pray over them. Ask God to give you the strength to overcome those trials if they ever occur again. Ask him to guide you if you’re tested like that again. This may take a few days so give it some time. I suggest doing this days before Christmas so it gives you some time.

It’s like confronting yourself upfront. This is your chance to give yourself some alone time. People need this to get to know themselves. Too often we’re faced with being the shoulder for others to lean on and we forget about us. Be real with yourself. You didn’t have the best year but you’re grateful to see another but how can you make this new year even better? This is how, this can be your first step. Writing your conclusion.

I hope this works for you. Remember, it’s not a New Years Resolution but an Old Year Conclusion.


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